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join now: sapari.leadrdrk.eu.org:5125 (WLS)

How to join

There are two methods to join the server:


This method requires you to know how to navigate through folders and edit text files.

Go to the installation folder of the Community Place Browser
(usually in C:\Program Files\Sony\Community Place Browser)

In the world folder, you'll see some files with a .wrl extension.
You'll need to edit any world file that you need so that they connect to this server.
(e.g. MIL-coast.wrl for SAPARi COAST MIL.)

In each of these files, there will be a "Sony_WorldInfo" section.
Inside of that section there will be a line that starts with "cpBureau" or "cpBureauWLS"

Replace that line with: cpBureauWLS "sapari.leadrdrk.eu.org:5125"

Using a server setter

The Community Place Repository features some softwares that can be used to set the server.
(KISS is recommended)

Use sapari.leadrdrk.eu.org:5125 as the address and enable WLS if prompted for.